Monday, February 21, 2011

Let Your Heart Guide You - Bulletin Board

Let your heart guide you.  It whispers, so listen closely. - The Land Before Time

I used red and white tissue paper (for gift wrapping) to create the hearts that border this bulletin board.  I created the hearts by folding several sheets of tissue paper and cutting the hearts out freehand.  Then I crumpled each heart and uncrumpled it before stapling it to the board, for texture.  Materials include red butcher paper, white and red tissue paper, and plain white computer paper for the letters.
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Be Unique - Snowflake Bulletin Board

Don't let anyone tell you that you have to be a certain way.  Be unique.  Be what you feel. - Melissa Etheridge.

Each snowflake bordering the edges of this bulletin board is handmade.  I get a little obsessed with things, and I went on a snowflake-ing tear using several different patterns I found online.  I also created several from scratch.  Materials include blue butcher paper, white paper, assorted cardstock and wrapping paper that is white on one side.  The wrapping paper was the easiest to make snowflakes because it is thinner and therefore cutting wasn't as difficult.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Carly's Birthday Gift - Decoupage Wall Lettering

I combined coordinating scrapbook papers and wooden letters to make a gift for my precious little sister's 17th birthday.  I painted the letters white (for some reason, white spray paint totally didn't work on these - I guess it's because of the cardboard-esque texture), then traced the letters onto paper and cut the paper letters out and affixed the paper to the fronts of the letters.  After that I decorated each letter with various notions using regular white Elmer's Glue.  Finally, I covered the letters with the shiny Mod Podge and glued them to a length of ribbon.

Materials: Letters, Scrapbook Paper Pads, Glossy White Acrylic Paint,
Mod Podge, Scissors, Ribbon, Pencil

The cutest wooden letters at Michael's.  $2 each.

All the different types of Mod Podge.  I actually ended up
using the Shiny type, which was $7.99/16oz.

Most of the thick ribbon spools were $3.99.
I decided I couldn't go wrong with a basic white.

Scrapbooking Paper $19.99

Monogrammed Stamped Notecards

I made these cards as a gift for my friend Stacy and monogrammed them with the letter G for her last name.


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