Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wiz Khalifah Yarn Wreath for Mom

I'd heard of yarn wreaths before, but it wasn't until I saw my friend Kim's adorable one on FB that I decided to go for it.  I made it to match all the other cute office stuff I've been making for Mom.  She's the perfect recipient for things I've made.  Have you ever met her? She's so sweet and kind and beautiful and friendly.  Maybe you exchanged pleasant small-talk with her at the grocery store.  Anyway, she's pretty swell.

Small Wreath - $4.99
Yarn - $2 (lots left over)
3 Sheets of Felt (black, white, green) - $.59/sheet
TOTAL PRICE: about $10 after tax

Not the cheapest craft ever, but I love the whimsical look of the yarn and the felt flowers. It makes me nostalgic for a time I don't know if I even remember... like in the movie The Virgin Suicides (which sounds morbid, but if you saw it you know what I mean).

Tons more pictures after the jump.  Because I'm a tiny bit obsessed with my Hipstamatic.

Monday, April 25, 2011

TV/Media Stand

I salvaged my brother's TV stand and experimented a little.  That's wrapping paper covering the shelves.  Even with some mistakes, it still looks pretty sweet.  I like the colors because they're not too manly or too girly.

Some Things In the Works

I've been working on some stuff for my new classroom and my new apartment - eagerly anticipating both. :)

My favorite thing right now: Antique 3-Mirror Vanity, $75.

My other favorite thing: 2 box speakers, $5 at a thrift shop.

Los stools de la Markasaurus Rex.

Color scheme for next year's classroom.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wiz Khalifah Inspirations

Wiz Khalifah Black Lamp

$8 Goodwill lamp, painted black, with B&W paper.

Decoupage Tissue Box

Finally, a tissue box holder for my classroom.

Wall Art and Coasters - Markasaurus Rex's Belated Birthday Gift

Floor and bathroom tiles become home decor.
 I found this stack of extra kitchen floor tiles that were 11"x11" and these 4"x4" white bath tiles and I thought how simple they would be to cover in paper.  Such perfect shapes and straight edges, with smooth surfaces.  I chose this blue for Markasaurus because it's exotic, manly, and a little sassy.

I've been dying to use more of this great peacock paper.

Love the contrast of the patterns.

Wiz Khalifah Dahlia Table

Black and Yellow
Inspired by Jessica at Juicy Bits, I created my own (smaller) version of the Dahlia Decoupage table.  I had found this yellow paint in our garage, and I liked the idea of getting to use B&W paper and doing some more shiny black painted pieces - maybe so I can use some other colors to POP with.

This is just one of those 3-legged side tables you get for cheap and cover with a marginally cuter tablecloth.  I found the top separate from the legs, and I'm still not totally sure I will attach them.  I think they cheapen the piece.  Juicy Bits used a table from Ikea with a much cuter base than this table.  And honestly, it's not terrible as wall art.  We'll see.

The papers I chose at first.
I ended up making a couple of changes throughout the process -
you really have to see it all laid out to be sure it looks right.

After I cut out all the "petals", I laid them out on the table top.
I drew super light pencil lines through the diameter, making 16 points around the edge.
Then I laid out the outermost petals first , making sure to keep both points on the line.
Then I just worked my way in.

With the Wiz Khalifa Lamp

Wiz Khalifah Yellow Lamp

Color scheme inspired by Wiz Khalifa

I remember this ugly thing from our old, old house that we moved out of when I was 12, so you know it's ancient.  And when I found it, it was in my dad's man-cave, which has been unkept since he's been gone.  Not that it was so neat and tidy before anyway - 'cave' is an appropriate term.  Then I found out that it belonged to Dad's dad, PawPaw, so yes.  Old.  But the colors were what was fugly, and I could tell the texture would be lovely.  One coat of white paint, one coat of yellow, minor touch-ups, and a coat of clear acrylic, and voila!  A gorgeous addition.

This isn't pretty.  Very fitting for a Paw Paw, I guess.

At first I had envisioned it in white, so I used acrylic paint for the first coat.
I figured either way it needed that first coat of paint.

Also I just got Hipstamatic and I've been playing around with it.

More Hipstamatic shots :)

Once I decided to paint the table (on the left) yellow for the dahlia design,
I knew that I would do the lamp in yellow as well.

One coat of yellow American Painter.


The little black dot is an accent thingy, I decided against using them, but they were cute.