Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Pineapple for Chance

My friend Chance is sort of into pineapples.  Yes, this is Chance for whom I made the Same-Same Picture Frame.  Chance is intoxicatingly specific, which translates to very easy to make things for - or at least very easy to come up with ideas for.  I'd say he's most well-known as the purveyor of the pineapple, and so I made him one.  

That's the Purveyor of the Pineapple in white,
my beloved Markasaurus Rex is in blue,
and of course, yours truly on the left.

I cut about a hundred 1" diamonds from an array
of different hues of yellow and green, and
layered them from the bottom up, filling in blanks as I saw them.

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