Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rainbow Paper Flower Wreath

I'm so not over my paper flower kick.  In fact, this has only piqued my interest more.  New favorite-est thing I've ever made?

This was actually a wooden picture frame that never really panned out.  I found it at Walmart months ago for $4, and I never could quite make it look as good as I wanted.  Finally, that has happened.  This is another piece for my rainbow-themed studio/office at the new apt.

These flowers come from this Paper Flower Tutorial, and I glued them to the frame using a hot glue gun.  I ended up needing many more flowers than I originally thought, but isn't that always the truth?  I could have made the surface area more crowded or made the flowers into looser rolls to cover more.  That would probably also make the colors show more, although in the pictures it looks like the colors are showing more than it seems like they are in real life.  I can't wait to see this hanging up!

Tons more pictures:

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