Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wiz Khalifah Dahlia Table

Black and Yellow
Inspired by Jessica at Juicy Bits, I created my own (smaller) version of the Dahlia Decoupage table.  I had found this yellow paint in our garage, and I liked the idea of getting to use B&W paper and doing some more shiny black painted pieces - maybe so I can use some other colors to POP with.

This is just one of those 3-legged side tables you get for cheap and cover with a marginally cuter tablecloth.  I found the top separate from the legs, and I'm still not totally sure I will attach them.  I think they cheapen the piece.  Juicy Bits used a table from Ikea with a much cuter base than this table.  And honestly, it's not terrible as wall art.  We'll see.

The papers I chose at first.
I ended up making a couple of changes throughout the process -
you really have to see it all laid out to be sure it looks right.

After I cut out all the "petals", I laid them out on the table top.
I drew super light pencil lines through the diameter, making 16 points around the edge.
Then I laid out the outermost petals first , making sure to keep both points on the line.
Then I just worked my way in.

With the Wiz Khalifa Lamp

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