Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Earring Holder from Wooden Picture Frame

If you want something done right - make it yourself.

I've been looking forever for a good way to store my earrings.  Coincidentally, Jen at Glam Or Sham just made two accessory holders that I love.

All earring holders I find either are expensive and/or ugly, or couldn't possibly hold all my swag, or would require me to have restrictively small earrings.  Please.  I'm like Dolly Parton, except with earrings as the focal point instead of bosom (too. many. obvious. jokes).  Well, and my lashes.

Anyway, I couldn't find any mesh at Michael's but I saw this on the embroidery aisle for $.29/sheet.  Consider it done.

Beautiful earrings - less than $10 at Forever 21 or Target. :)
Picture Frame (one of 4/$1 I got at a garage sale) - $.25
Plastic Mesh (I don't know what the real name of this is) - $.29
TOTAL: $.54 

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