Sunday, May 15, 2011

Map of Mexico - Wall Art

I have a thing for maps.  I'm not sure if it's that I love what a map symbolizes - places you've been, places you want to go, places you've never heard of - or if it's just that I think the colors are pretty, but I like them.  I love art that's visually stimulating AND has meaning.  So I made this map frame collage.

4 Different Recovered Frames - 1 Map of Mexico

This  map of Mexico had been hanging out in the garage with several other random maps. Dad also loved maps, and atlases, and books (in fact I even got him a Big Book of Maps one Christmas not too long ago), and he and Mom had been on a romantic vacation to Mexico every summer for the last few years.  Mexico has a special place in the hearts of everyone in our family, I think.  We all have tons of Mexican and other Spanish speaking friends, and Tyler has a Spanish minor.  Mom and Dad worked with mainly Mexican men in landscaping, and Dad had a soft place in his heart for 'the brown man' especially.    Mexico is where we are going to spread his ashes someday, so it seemed like the perfect place to frame and put on the wall.

I cut along the center fold in order to divide the map in 4 pieces.  It was about 20" x 24", so I had to trim off some of the edges to fit it into four 8"x10" frames.  Pair with some frames I already painted black, hang in collage-like fashion, and voila!

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