Monday, May 2, 2011

Crayon ABC's for Baby Tarpley

I am not going to lie, I completely and totally stole this idea from my friend Lynden Haley. She made crayon initials for her brother Will's baby girl, and she lives in Houston so I knew she wouldn't be able to do anything about it! :)  I give her all the credit for this fantastic idea.  And honestly, hers are much more beautiful and precise than this... But the people I'm giving these to don't know that!
Not quite as easy as 1-2-3.

My friend and (class)roommate at school, Adam Tarpley, and his wife Carolyn are having a baby this month!  They have not found out the sex of the baby, so I wouldn't have been able to give them the gift before the baby was born if I had done initials (which is what Lynden did for the set she made for her brother and his wife).  Luckily, I found out that their baby nursery is going to be done with the Dr. Seuss ABC theme - eureka!  That decision was as easy as A-B-C.  The color coordinating, the cutting, and the gluing weren't quite so easy, but it was totally worth it!

Baby Tarpley's Bedding

I found these instructions online, and this is the original as far as I can tell.  I hesitate to put it on here because hers are so beautiful, but hey, these were my first try.

Shadow boxes - $5/ea on sale at Michael's
64 Crayola Box - Free

Not too shabby for a custom baby gift!

PS I hope they don't read my blog because it's tacky of me to tell them how much their gift cost.

Lots more pictures after the jump.

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