Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rainbow Alphabet Wall Art

So Mom got me a Cricut for my birthday, and I finally had some time to make something using it (other than the Quilt bulletin board)!  I'm a little bit obsessed with rainbows and the color spectrum lately - ever since I've decided to use them as the color scheme for my studio at the new apt.  This combines several of my loves, including typography and a reused frame I got for next to nothing at a garage sale.

Yep, those are paint samples from Walmart.
Lots more pictures (as always):

I loved looking at the scrap pile.

White cardstock backing and spray adhesive to attach the letters.
Such a funny thing happened when I was using the spray adhesive to place the letters!  (BTW, spray adhesive is so awesome, and I feel like it's extremely under-advertised.  But whatever.)  I laid out all the letters face-down on a piece of newspaper and sprayed them evenly with a coat of the adhesive, then I placed the letters on the cardstock.  I thought about spraying the cardstock entirely, but the parts the letters weren't covering would still be sticky later, just like a sticker.  Which is what happened to the newspaper in all the areas not covered by letters when I sprayed.  However, kitty didn't know that, and tried to walk her way across the newspaper, doing a very funny little dance to get her foot unstuck with each step.  :)

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