Saturday, May 14, 2011

Red-Headed Wild Flower - Kitchen Chair

This is one of the chairs that go with my younger sister Val's kitchen table.  She is moving into a fantastic new place soon, and I am her interior decorator.  

I am so lucky that I have a sister who's basically my muse, who completely indulges my creations.  Ever since I can remember, she's been the one to bounce an idea or a joke off of, and she's basically the intended audience for any and everything I create.  I am extremely lucky in that she has let me complete freedom with her new apartment. She gives me the materials, be it old furniture or home decor from college, or a new table and chairs she got for $50 on Craigslist.  She didn't even know I was going to make her chair into a little slice of adorable, but she knew that whatever I did, she'd like it.  I could totally fuglify her new space, and she trusts me to give her something she'll like.  Now that's support.  In turn, I made her something. :)

For tons more pictures, including Before/After

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