Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3-Layer Paper Flowers

I got a little bit obsessed with these.  There is just so many different gorgeous combinations of paper and shapes.  I love it.

Step-By-Step Instructions with Photos after the jump.

First, choose your 3 papers, and cut into
3 squares of descending size.

The next step is to fold your flowers.  Lining up the edges of the square when you fold is not what is important.  What is important is to get smooth, even folds to make the flower as symmetrical as possible.  Don't worry about the edges of the paper being ragged or not matching up - you will end up cutting off the uneven edges anyway.

Now fold your squares.  Fold in half once.
Then fold in half again, making a square.
Fold in half once more, diagonally.
Then (holding the folded corner), cut a rounded
"petal" from the rough edge.
You can cut the petals to be squared, rounded, or pointy-tipped.  You can even give them fringe if you'd like.  Change up how you cut the flowers. That mixes it up even more.

Unfold, and voila!  A flower!

Decorative brads.

Layer the 3 flower parts, push a brad through the
center of each one, and fold back the tabs.
You're finished!

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