Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My First Garage Overhaul - My Workshop

A preview: My crafty worktable-top. 

I LOVE Pegboard. Everything gets stored vertically and lines up perfectly!

Tons of pictures of the overhaul process HERE:

Main Work Area - Before
Front corner of the garage.  This is as close as I could get Before.
Front of Garage Before
Lots of junk
Most of this is mine and Val's crap.
Walkway through the garage - Before
All of the lights
So I got it all cleaned out:

We'll hold most of the things we
don't want up in this part of the garage.
Clean and clear and under control.

Most of the stuff I decided we didn't 'need'.
Stuff we might need
Lawn equipment we will be selling

Now some 90% FINISHED pics:

Chair Holders = Genius

Mom's newly-tidy gardening cart.

My lovely paint display.


I use the jars from an old spice rack.  I cut some extra papers down
to size with my new X-acto paper cutter and rolled them up into the jars.

Kitchen storage bins - $1/3 at Walmart

Plastic partywear, 4-packs of plates, bowls, and cups - $1 apiece at Walmart
I'll use these to hold paint or for anything crafty.

Cute red bucket - $5 at Walmart

12" Paper Cutter - $20 at Walmart

Extra bath tiles covered with extra paper
using Mod Podge make cute drink coasters.

Extras from the spice rack and extra stickers from the
scrapbooking pack

Another sticker

A fallen soldier in the Mod Podge.  Oops.
Said Mod Podge being used for my pièce de résistance.

A patch-work-bench!

From spare 3x2 pieces of paper originally used as
flash cards for my students.

I lined up all the pieces beforehand, and using spray
adhesive, glued them to the wood.  Where I learned
that my beloved spray adhesive has its limits.  I will
use Mod Podge for that part in the future, even
it's quite a bit messier.

I would cover EVERYTHING in pretty paper if I could.

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