Saturday, March 5, 2011

Be Like the Flower - Bulletin Board

Be like the flower, turn your face to the sun.

I saw a kids flower craft kit at Walmart, and from what I could tell, the flowers were made from 3 differing sized circles cut as flowers.  I chose a bunch of coordinating papers from my big pad (the same paper from this post), and cut it into 3 different sized squares using the big paper cutter in the teachers' workroom, and then I folded the squares three times (in half vertically, then in half again horizontally, then on the diagonal) and easily cut off the rough edge in a petal shape. Paper Flower Instructions here.  This is exactly how I did the snowflakes too, but this was much easier because the flower edges have less detail.

I used push pins as the flower centers, and you can use decorative brads if you are making loose flowers or putting a flower on a card.  This took almost no time to construct, and I can use the flowers later for another purpose!  I'm thinking of letting people take one if they want one or letting students take one to give to their favorite teacher.

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